Will & Estate Disputes

“Get legal advice early if you have any concerns about a will or an estate you are involved with.”

  • Has someone close omitted you from their will or left you only a small part of their estate?
  • Has a promise been made that a deceased person has not fulfilled in their will?
  • Do you want advice on your rights as a beneficiary?
  • Do you disagree with the way a will is being administered by executors? Or…
  • Are you an executor in the middle of an estate issue or disagreement?
  • Are you concerned about a will’s validity?
  • Are you suspicious about the mental competence of the will-maker at the time the will was made?
  • Is there a difference of opinion over the interpretation of a will?
  • Do you suspect a will was made under duress?
  • Do you want legal advice because there is no will?

Whether you are a beneficiary of an estate or trust, or an executor or trustee, there are many situations where disagreements can arise. Lance Pratley was employed by a trustee company before becoming a lawyer and has regularly acted in cases involving estate and trust disputes throughout his legal career.

Disputes over wills and estates can be destructive of family and other close relationships.  Therefore, Lance often suggests that clients seek resolution by methods other than going to Court.

When avoiding Court is not advisable, or alternative methods such as negotiation or mediation do not lead to settlement, Lance is well accustomed to Court proceedings for will and estate disputes.