When Separation Arises

A separation or divorce is stressful whatever the situation. Dividing ownership of property or other assets can be very upsetting. When children are involved it can be even more harrowing. Yet, you still have to make significant and rational decisions that will have long term implications for you.

When choosing your family lawyer, it is important to have someone who, while understanding, is skilled and experienced in providing you clear legal advice according to your particular circumstances.

Lance Pratley’s qualifications in both accountancy and law equip him to deal with a wide variety of relationship property, separation, divorce and family law cases, particularly those involving assets such as property, financial investments, businesses, shares and superannuation. He will also suggest when other advisors like valuers, specialist investigators, or actuaries can be helpful.

From his experience Lance has found that clients choosing non-court approaches to resolution (such as negotiation or mediation) often find them less traumatic – and less expensive. Sometimes the courts are the only way however, and Lance is also well experienced in this legal environment.